Further proof that a circus needs no animal performers to be spectacular.
– Bob Barker
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Circus PAWS, a live-action, animal-free circus, features an original script with performances by members of Nathalie Gaulthier’s Le PeTiT CiRqUe, a troupe of young performers, ages 7-14, whose mastery of performance skills will thrill and amaze guests. Also featured is Kevin Axtell, a globally acclaimed juggler and fire artist. Three performances have been planned and will benefit the 100+ animals currently living at the Performing Animal Welfare Society’s three wildlife sanctuaries in Northern California. Many of these animals are rescued or retired circus performers.

Meet the individuals who have made this event possible.

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The performers, the venue, and PAWS.

We thank you for your interest and support of Circus PAWS and invite you to use these photographs. We do require that you add a photo credit to any image used. If you have any questions regarding the images, or photo credits, please contact our production office.

Photos of the performers courtesy of Gaulthier Productions.

Unless otherwise noted, PAWS photos should be credited to THE PERFORMING ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY

For photos of IM5, Kat Kramer and other headliners, please see the BIOS page.

To view PAWS’ photos click the “Older Entries” link at the bottom of the page.

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A Circus PAWS Sponsorship is an original and unique opportunity for both traditional businesses and non-profit organizations to show their support for the ethical and humane treatment of exotic animals. Join with Circus PAWS for three magical and entertaining performances — proof, as Bob Barker once said, “that a circus needs no animals to be spectacular!”

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